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PTBC Giving Challenge

No Photos Needed For Entry!

Let's start helping others without it being advertised. Let's now and feel good in our souls that we have done a good deed.

Rules of Entry:

Donate gently used and unwanted items, monetary donations, food donations, your time/ volunteer!

You can do any of the above to your local hooman or animal shelter

After your good deed is done share this post ( on Facebook or Instagram @PupTreatsbyChris or @Pupalicious_Treats) with the hashtags #PTBCGivingChallenge #PTBC #PupaliciousTreatsbyChris #2022

Let's finish out the month and the year by uplifting one another !

Now I know what you are thinking....No Photo... how do we know the person did the challenge.

This is where your faith in goodwill and humanity steps in!

Merry Christmas !!

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