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Welcome to Grizzy's Page!

Hi, my name is Grizzy and I'm the inspiration for all this madness I see my mom doing everyday! She is always in the kitchen making great smelling things that are good for my health. I am constantly being kicked out the kitchen because everything smells so good. 😊 

Of course I love all the items my mommy makes for me but there are a few that send my tastebuds to the moon! 🌙 

Check them out and let me know what your doggie thinks.

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Turkey Jerky

I enjoy the turkey jerky and the taste! My mommy uses organic spices to keep my breath smelling good and better my immune system. I usually get these when my mommy is teaching me a new trick!

Sweet Treatz

I loooovee peanut butter! These are very good treats that keep me coming back for more. They are gluten free, packed with protein, natural vitamins, and fiber. After my walks, if I do well and not pull I get one of these😋

Gone Fishing

Salmon, oh salmon. I have loved this since I was a baby! Containing omega 3s, natural vitamins and fiber to promote healthy organs. I really enjoy the natural sweetness of the mango. This is gluten free meal.I still remember when my mommy made this as my first dinner. I know she loves me very much🥰

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