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Natural Remedy for Minor Cuts & Wounds

Story telling time!

Last summer I had the scare of my life with my fur baby Grizzy.

My son was walking Grizzy one evening around our complex like he normally does.

Grizzy has a few dog friends that he sees on his walks. They sniff each other play a bit and continue about there merry way.

This walk was different. Grizzy sees one of his fur pals and starts pulling my son towards his friend so hard that he breaks away.

You can guess what happens next... you think that the two friends are playing happily.

Wrong! Now my dog is a very friendly dog. Grizzy expects other doggies to be friendly like he is. He gets overwhelmed with excitement and starts shaking when he sees other dogs. Grizzy looks large but is the runt of his litter so he is not his normal size. His friend was an adolescent Golden Retriever, so he towers over my Grizzy.

Anyways, back to when my son was walking him. Grizzy gets loose and runs towards his Golden Retriver buddy. His buddy must have been having a day because he grabs Grizzy by his neck!

Now I am not outside my son and his friend are walking the dogs and this hasn't ever happened before! It's scary to know that these boys had to deal with two dogs protecting themselves from each other due to a misunderstanding. Which dogs don't understand that. It's fight or flight with them.

The young boys manage to get the golden retriever pup loose from Grizzy's neck.

And in comes my son upset and the dog bleeding minerly and shaking from the attack.

The first thing I do is grab a rag and wet it to wipe the dog off. He kept shaking his head and rubbing it on the floor. So I took a closer look to find that his tooth had broke through his upper lip and was stuck, I unhook the tooth and his was find with only had a little slit.

After wiping ping his wounds I applied coconut oil to them.

Coconut oil is a natural substance that when used topically can help fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses. I used it as an antibiotic otic firstly because as a dog owner you do not know if other dogs have been vaccinated now a days.

Allowing the oil to sit on his wounds for the first day, the next day I cleaned his wounds with soap and water.

The night Grizzy was bitten I created a solution to help heal his cuts.

I took two bowls of water and two tea packets; one chamomile the other green tea.

Grean tea can be used topically and can help calm irritated skin. So I used its anti-inflammatory traits to soothe the wounds.

Chamomile tea used topically helps rid bacteria and placing it in an open wound speeds healing.

I took equal parts of both tea bowls and placed in another container with a lid.

I then added turmeric about 1/4 tsp.

Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, as well as anti-fungal.

Lastly, I added 1 tsp if honey and mixed it all together.

Honey is another natural resource that is antibacterial. I use honey a lot especially when colds start to occur in my household among the children.

But honey also is protective ans should stop swelling when using topically. Plus it also speeds up healing. I hope you see a pattern in my solution.

-antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, speeds healing, calms skin & irritation.

I placed this solution on a rag squeezing it over his wounds, making sure his neck was saturated. Of course Grizzy's dog ways kicked in and he wants to dry his neck on the carpet. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN!

Your carpet is dirty which would be adding bacteria to the wounds. I took a towel and dried his neck a little to refrain him from wanted to rub his neck on the floor.

I placed my healing mixture on his neck for three days straight after the event. Except his lip, the mixture can be consumed but his lip did not need it. The mouth area is actually one of the quickest places that heal on the body.

I cleaned his water bowl daily and provided fresh water because he did have a wound around his mouth.

By day 4 his wounds were scabbing and pretty much healed. He is okay, He still wants to play with other dogs. I thought this occurrence would have traumatized him and would have had to re-socialize him but he is still interested and eager to ab around other dogs, with less pulling. Now I am no doctor. I am only writing about what worked for me. If this situation was worse than what actually happened I would have taken Grizzy to the Vet immediately. He only had minor cuts nothing too deep so it was something I could heel from home. Like when a child falls and cuts themselves.


Ingredients for minor wound care naturally

1 cup Green Tea

1 cup Chamomile Tea

1/4 tsp organic Turmeric powder

1 tsp organic Honey

(I use organic ingredients)

Grabbing two bowls soak each tea bag in one until fully saturated about 10 mins or more.

Take equal parts of both teas about 1/2 cup each

Using a new bowl place each equal part in

Now add your 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and 1 tsp of honey.

Mix together well.

You have your solution add to clean wounds.

Turmeric will make the dog's coat around the wound yellow if the fur is white.

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