Meet Chris

Pet Lover ** Mother** Home Baker

Let me just start by saying that I love cooking! When I cook dinner for my family, I tend to make a separate no seasoned dish for my little fur baby, Grizzy. (He is the youngest of my children) He loves to eat human food just as much as we do, so an idea came to mind about making his own treats. I have used human food to train him and feel like that is a greater incentive than most dog treats. When he was younger, I purchased a pack of dog treats in which it effected his stomach. From then forward I rewarded his good behavior/ spoil him with human food that he could process and that was healthy (for I am an all-natural, food cure all, health freak). He still consumes his puppy food, I like to indulge his taste buds every now and then with a home-cooked meal. I get so many compliments on his coat being shinny and soft, his mannerism, energy, and overall health.

Frozo Bones 2.jpg